I, ViviAnn, am an Indigenous Sami women living in Sweden. I live in what we call Sapmi. It is the land of the Sami population in the northern part of Sweden, Norway, Finland and The Cola Peninsula, Russia. We, the Samis, are the northernmost indigenous people of Europe. Around 10 % of the Samis are involved in reindeer herding.

I was brought up in a family and clan of reindeersherders, healers and yoikers (singing the saamiway) in the very north of Sweden. 
The name of the Saami reindeerherding community where I come from is: Saarivuoma sameby (sami village) and it is the third sami community counted from the very north of Sweden. A reindeer herding community or village Is not a village in a real sense but instead an geographical area in which reindeerhusbandry is executed.  

This website will feature  my thoughts, feelings and knowledge about  my #life and #lifestory where the #reindeers have a sacred space. I will tell this story through Daily videos and in the future also through Pictures and articles. 

Follow my honest, naked and non-edited story.

If you have any questions or want to get in touch with me – you are very welcome to! You can send me an email or ask a question about the Saami culture and lifestyle by filling out the form to the right on this webpage. My answers might come in the form of a video published on this site. 

My emailaddress is: 

viviann (at) 

My cellphonenumber is: +46 (0)70 54 57 592 

Have the best of days! 

/ ViviAnn

One thought on “Background

  1. Hej vännen! Din videochallenge är helt genial, så spännande och viktig! Jag önskar att barn och unga skulle få se dem i skolan. Eftersom jag är rädd att undervisningen om samer fortfarande inte är vad den borde. Kram fr Ingegärd


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